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The User Latitudes Feature will showcase Latitudes from YOU the participants of the What's Your Latitude? Movement.  Please see the guidelines for submission on the Submit page and let the world hear about your Latitude!

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Open Road, WI

My name is Mike and I am one of Rog’s cousins.  I personally have 3 Latitudes.

My first Latitude is The Swing “up north.”  Growing up, we used to visit a place “up north” that had a swing that was right on the lake that faced north.  After grilling out and eating dinner I/we (whomever family members would join in) would walk down to the lake and we’d congregate around the swing.  I’d look out at the lake and I would think about the days passed and the future to come.  At that time of night, the lake was always calm and there was a distinct sense of serenity.  I often think about “up north” and the swing and how special of a place that was/is and how much it still affects me to this day.

My second Latitude is “the cabin.”  We have been blessed to own a year ‘round retreat in the Wisconsin Dells area.  It overlooks a little lake, which faces west.  In the evening, as the sun is setting and I stand on the deck and look out on the lake I witness nature’s beauty at its finest.  During those moments I thank God for what He has given me and I realize how truly blessed I am with my wife, family, and career.  Any stressors that I may have in my life (because we all have stressors in our lives) seem to disappear during those magical moments and I find myself at peace within myself.

My third Latitude is on the Harley.  I love to ride…and ride free.  There is something very unique to riding a Harley on the roads throughout America.  When I’m on the bike (especially with my wonderful wife on the back with her arms wrapped around me) the world seems to stop spinning and living life becomes raw and pure.  The essence of freedom comes to life, the way God intended for us to live and to love life.

The beautiful thing about being on the Harley is that it can take me to any latitude on Earth be it “up north”, back to The Swing, or up to The Cabin.  On the bike, I honestly find peace within myself and I am grateful for the life that I have.