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The User Latitudes Feature will showcase Latitudes from YOU the participants of the What's Your Latitude? Movement.  Please see the guidelines for submission on the Submit page and let the world hear about your Latitude!

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Brantingham Golf Club, NY

I am very pleased, and proud to share this Latitude with everyone. I am Roger’s uncle by marriage, I am also soooo proud of him and my niece Erica for the manner in which they handled this entire cancer challenge.

I was happy and proud, again, to wear the purple bracelet in support of Roger while he struggled with the monthly rigors of cancer treatment.  This bracelet was a major reason my Latitude worked for me.

My Latitude is the 18thhole of my golf course, Brantingham Golf Club, in Brantingham, NY.  I should say that it can be any hole but for me it is the 18th. 

As I stand there on the tee I think about Roger and what he would give to be with me, but also I think of the absolute solitude it gives me.  The peace and comfort to be there and to be cancer free for sure.

When things are tough during a round I look at the bracelet and think about you Roger and suddenly everything is not nearly as dire as the 5 foot putt for par, or the need to get up and down on 18 to shoot even par. 

I won the club championship this past year using the my Latitude and thinking of Roger, Erica, and Liam.  The peace I fell is incredible, thank you Rog for allowing me this moment to share my Latitude! 

I am thankful you are Ok, and I hope everyone will take your lead and latitudinize!!!