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50 Latitudes (USA) Feature

The 50 Latitudes Feature will showcase Latitudes from a resident of each US state in their own words to illustrate that despite age, sex, location, or occupation, every living being on the planet has a favorite Latitude.  A person's favorite Latitude is not restricted to their home state.

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Northwest Vermont between Lake Champlain and Mt. Mansfield is my Latitude.

After college graduation and a promising career requiring relocation, my wife and I chose this peaceful rural setting on a dead end gravel road to build our home.  A spectacular panorama including Mt. Mansfield was an added bonus for us and  continues to inspire and bring much joy when we're together at family gatherings and events.

This region east of the Champlain Valley is populated with dairy farms and hardwood forests containing high percentages of Sugar Maples known for the sap which is processed into our famous maple syrup. The habitat is ideal for white tailed deer, bear, wild turkey and countless other small wildlife.  Immersing oneself in nature has been easy for our family and has led to varied family interests and passions that are in harmony with the seasons. Skiing, hiking and biking with family and friends or solo are my favorites, enabling my regular escape from the corporate culture.

Now as our local maple syrup producers enter their busiest month of April, skiing for another season is ending.  Very soon the annual spring migration of geese will begin with countless flocks passing overhead from sunrise to sunset.  The winter quiet will be broken by the familiar honking, inviting a skyward glance revealing  thousands in flight and in typical formation.  With longer daylight hours, there will be more time for hiking and the beginning of a new biking season.

Early morning or evening biking on less traveled country roads and trails always brings rewards ranging from unexpected wildlife sightings or unusual cloud formations and meadow fog, to spectacular sunrises and sunsets.  These random rewards along with the highs that come with any intense physical endeavor are sufficient to keep me engaged and committed. Hiking and skiing are equally energizing for me with similar rewards depending on where I choose to go.

Extensive travel in the US and some international travel has enabled me to  undertake these types of activities in some unimaginable locations with dramatic settings and a much higher ...“awesome” or “I can't believe this” ...experience factor.  And with this incredible experience a schedule is always awaiting and dictating how much you can enjoy and when you have to leave.  What is known is when I return home more enjoyment is possible, perhaps not on as grand a scale but there also won't be a schedule or decisions dictating when and for how long I can partake.  No planning is required and decisions can be spontaneous since it all can occur at my doorstep.

With all the possibilities that exist for escaping our structured lives and enjoying nature, for me nothing can top the beauty and peacefulness of a crisp, sunny autumn day with the bright foliage displayed on the mountains and in the valleys of my Latitude.

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