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50 Latitudes (USA) Feature

The 50 Latitudes Feature will showcase Latitudes from a resident of each US state in their own words to illustrate that despite age, sex, location, or occupation, every living being on the planet has a favorite Latitude.  A person's favorite Latitude is not restricted to their home state.

Entries in Missouri (1)



Where do I go in my mind when I need to escape?  I go to the beach for serenity... not just any beach, but the Hillsboro Beach in South Florida. 

It is such a special place for me and it evokes many special memories.... my family vacationed there when I was a child, visiting my Aunt Jean and Uncle Homer and my cousins.  I spent a semester of college there to "find myself."  My husband Tom and I were married there almost 40 years ago and we spent our honeymoon there. 

We took our daughters there every Thanksgiving to visit  Aunt Jean and Uncle Homer and to play on the beach.  Now Tom and I have a winter home there and we can walk the beach every day, showing our family and our friends where we got married.  Tom calls it "the scene of the crime"!  We love to share this place of our history and our dreams of the future with all our family and friends.

When I need to go somewhere in my head for peace and serenity, that's where I go.  I can close my eyes and picture the turquoise blue of the ocean.  I can feel the warm sandy beach and the wonderful ocean breeze.  I can hear the sound of the surf.  I can smell that special tangy ocean salt smell mixed with Coppertone. 

I can see in my mind's eye my Aunt Jean and Uncle Homer.  I can see a young adventurous couple in sandals being married on the beach 40 years ago.  I can see my daughters when they were toddlers wearing their brightly colored bathing suits and digging in the sand at the water's edge.

This is my Latitude.  It has always been my special place.  I hope to grow old there with Tom.  I hope to see our future grandchildren playing on the beach someday. 

I love to think about Hillsboro Beach when I'm at home in Missouri... it returns me to that serenity that I cherish and I need.