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50 Latitudes (USA) Feature

The 50 Latitudes Feature will showcase Latitudes from a resident of each US state in their own words to illustrate that despite age, sex, location, or occupation, every living being on the planet has a favorite Latitude.  A person's favorite Latitude is not restricted to their home state.

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My Latitude is always over the horizon.

That may sound like I’m someone who has trouble living for the moment... but that’s not the case. 

It’s just the opposite. 

I’m a Journalist, so I’ve been blessed with a life that changes with the headlines. 

One day I might be touring a Navy Destroyer, another, I’m interviewing a Candidate for President of the United States.  My job allowed me to be a few feet from the Pope, and it’s given me the chance to play golf with a Major Championship winner.

It’s not always so glamorous of course.  I’ve also covered countless budget meetings for County Government.  I’ve stood out in the rain or sun or snow waiting for police to tell me what’s going on at a crime scene.  I’ve covered more Christmas Shopping than I care to remember.

On my worst days, personal or professional, it’s my job that reminds me to keep a perpetual optimism.  There will always be another story to tell tomorrow. 

Tomorrow’s story may be the one you’ve always dreamed of telling...

Tomorrow’s story may be the one you wouldn’t wish on your worst enemy...

Both offer the possibility I’ll be challenged...

Both offer the possibility of an adventure...

Both offer the possibility of a life lesson worth learning...

So my Latitude is over the horizon wondering how tomorrow will add to my story.